Dining room



Elegante line is an extremely successful project which depictures proportions in a perfect way and emphasizes the beauty of every single detail. It is also aesthetics that is done with style which will satisfy the most demanding recipients. Unusual furniture design dedicated to living rooms is guaranteed by: form simplicity, material diversity (natural veneer/modified, lacquered >



Sempre is a unique collection dedicated to living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Massive furniture pieces of solid oak wood fronts and bodies covered with natural oak veneer are perfectly presented in modernly arranged, spacious interiors.



Smart collection is dedicated to dining rooms and living rooms. Simplicity of forms and furniture functionality and also modern solutions that were used, such as energy-efficient LED illumination and opening the drawers and doors by a soft front push (push to open system) make the collection a perfect proposition for fans of modern trends in >



Виктория – это прекрасное, воистину королевское предложение мебели для гостиной, столовой и спальни. Выступает в прямой и выпукло-вогнутой версии, которая по форме немного напоминает волну. Выполненная из натурального шпона с участием цельной древесины захватывает ненавязчивой формой стильных элементов с искусно созданными ножками.



A furniture collection dedicated to living and dining rooms in elegant colour of American walnut is an excellent proposition for fans of exotic beauty. Vigo line consists of display cabinets, cabinets, chests, TV furniture, shelves, poufs and also two kinds of tables, coffee tables and decorative elements, such as weather stations and triple clocks indicating >