Photos from the International Furniture Fair in Poznań 25-28.02.2020

Behind us another exhibition MEBLE POLSKA 2020 in Poznan. The biggest industry event in Central and Eastern Europe and for us it’s a thousands new models of furniture and dozens of hours of productive trade talks. To all our clients for their arrival and the time spent with us we thank. Thanks to you this fair were really successful for us. For those who couldn’t make it this year a short report photo. See you next year!

IMG_20200225_114325 IMG_20200225_114251 IMG_20200225_114234

IMG_20200227_142555 IMG_20200227_114159 IMG_20200227_111926 IMG_20200227_110158 IMG_20200227_110026 IMG_20200227_105958 IMG_20200227_104215 IMG_20200227_104025 IMG_20200227_103631 IMG_20200227_094128 IMG_20200227_093613 IMG_20200227_093604 IMG_20200226_160402 IMG_20200226_133250 IMG_20200226_122000 IMG_20200226_120217 IMG_20200226_120212 IMG_20200225_162740 IMG_20200225_162210 IMG_20200225_162136 IMG_20200225_162033 IMG_20200225_155719 IMG_20200225_155154 IMG_20200225_155048 IMG_20200225_155017 IMG_20200225_155007 IMG_20200225_153127 IMG_20200225_152712 IMG_20200225_152437 IMG_20200225_152357 IMG_20200225_152334 IMG_20200225_151816 IMG_20200225_151657 IMG_20200225_151537 IMG_20200225_151239 IMG_20200225_150812 IMG_20200225_150720 IMG_20200225_144833 IMG_20200225_144739 IMG_20200225_144734 IMG_20200225_144242 IMG_20200225_144232 IMG_20200225_143127 IMG_20200225_142858 IMG_20200225_142827 IMG_20200225_115936