Create your own interior 15.06.2016

Create your own interior

The new collection „CALLE”

Highly rated during the Furniture Polish Fair 2016 in Poznan new collecton. The combination of graphite with the grain of the wood of Brazilian rosewood. The whole is based on a high, curved legs in the fashionable style of the 50s and 60-ies.
Sample arrangement “CALLE”

Corner sofa “CALLE” (prices from 439,90 EUR)

Elements “CALLE” (prices from 47,90 EUR per element)

You can combine your own set from 16 available elements
Offer valid till 30.06.2016


Anna Traczykiewicz
tel. +48 84 688 10 55
tel kom. +48 600 943 036
Skype: anna_bimfurniture
Maciej Grajkowski
tel kom. +48 539 933 814
Skype: matt_bimfurniture

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