ISaloni Fair 2017 in Milan



This year, we have been present at the International Fair iSaloni 2017 in Milan. Here you can find the companies who offer the innovative technologies and fascinating solutions. At ISaloni 2017, you can admire fantastic designs, review of many brands and industry leaders  who are setting their own standards and are creating new trends. Below we would like to share with you, a brief photo-relation from our visit.

IMG_7449IMG_7400 IMG_7407 IMG_7409 IMG_7411Pion_03 Pion_04 Pion_05IMG_7413 IMG_7415 IMG_7440 IMG_7441Pion_06 Pion_07 Pion_08 Pion_09IMG_7478 IMG_7484 IMG_7506 IMG_7523